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Designing and delivering world-class automobiles parts and components, such as Bajaj Compact Clutch Cable, Bajaj Compact Gear Cable, Mahindra Alfa Brake Shoe, Atul Gemini Rear Axle, Atul Gemini Front Wheel Drum, etc.

Backed by nearly two and half decades of industry experience, Anant Sales Corporation has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of automobile components and parts for diverse automobile companies. Some of the remarkable products we design and manufacture include Atul Gemini Rear Axle, Atul Gemini Front Wheel Drum, Bajaj Compact Gear Cable, Bajaj Compact Clutch Cable, and Mahindra Alfa Brake Shoe. Our rich industry experience, in-depth technical knowledge, business acumen, and continuous adaptation to emerging technology have combined to make us a formidable market player.

Headquartered in New Delhi, we have a good hold over the Delhi/NCR markets. We have been consistently providing top-quality automobile industry components and parts that are used in the production of different types of vehicles. Innovation, passion, business intelligence, commitment, and customer satisfaction are the buzzwords at our organization. These values resonate with the members of our team, who spare no effort in delivering nothing but the best to the customers. With our modern infrastructure, we can customize the product designs to cater to the specific requirements of our customers. We are eager to serve you and wait for your queries about wholesale purchases.

Our Infrastructure

Our consistent growth over the years has been necessitated by a sophisticated infrastructure that includes modern production facilities. We have installed efficient machinery that ensures precision in every design and production-related work. Over the years we have regularly updated our facilities in tune with the emerging production trends in the automobile industry. We have comfortably adapted to the new production challenges with a focus on manufacturing the most pertinent product designs.

Quality Control

A comprehensive quality control policy guides the production processes at our organization. Right from the outset, we have paid immense focus on the quality of products we offer. Our quality control policy guides every production-related activity, such as the selection of raw materials, in-line inspections, post-production inspections, and simulated trials to check product performance. Owing to our elaborate quality control processes, we have been manufacturing flawless products, such as Bajaj Compact Gear Cable, Bajaj Compact Clutch Cable, Atul Gemini Rear Axle, Atul Gemini Front Wheel Drum, Mahindra Alfa Brake Shoe, etc.

Why Us?

There are several factors why the customers should choose us. Some of those factors are:

  • Modern product development and manufacturing facilities
  • Comprehensive quality control policy
  • Ability to manufacture a diverse range of automobile parts in large quantities
  • Commitment to the requirements of the customers